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Top 4 Luxurious Casinos in Australia

Top 4 Luxurious Casinos in Australia

An Amazing Country to Visit

Australia is known for its diverse culture, food and of course a wide range of luxurious hotels. Let’s find out in this piece of the blog the most popular and top luxurious casinos in Australia.

1. Crown Casino, Melbourne

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The Crown Casino is not only the largest casino in Australia, but it is also the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. It is situated in Melbourne on the Yarra River. The hotel has more than 1700 rooms with over 3500 video poker machines, more than 300 slot machines, and over 100 gaming tables. The Crown Poker Room is also the room to the World Series of Poker in Asia.

The Classical amenities are just the way as they are described in the rumors. Luxury mid-century modern style hotel rooms are majorly built in the hotel. There are interesting games to play as well designed for families.

2. Crown Casino, Perth

Crown Casino, Perth

The Crown Casino is in Perth, Australia. This casino claims to have about 1200 rooms, a convention center, a theatre, and two ballrooms. It also claims to have about 800 video poker machines, 350 gaming tables, and 2400 gaming machines.

The casino also has a huge pool. A park surrounds the pool. There is even a large pub and microbrewery complex.

The hotel arrangement is somewhat identical to that of the Crown Melbourne.  There are three hotels two of which are the mid-century modern style. The third has a design somewhat similar to that of the blue water. There are amenities such as a pool, the river, parks, grand restaurants, lux spa, etc.

3. The Star, Sydney

Being the second largest casino in Sydney, The Star has more than 350 rooms and 130 luxury suites. It also boasts of a brilliant view of the harbor. However, it’s the casino that steals the spotlight.

There are about 1500 poker machines, 200 table games, and 30 poker tables. The second floor boasts of its luxury and exclusivity. There is a high roller room on the second floor. A form must be filled and reviewed in order to climb to the second floor. Bets on the second floor take place ranging from $25 to $75,000.

There is an additional third gambling floor as well. They call it the Vermillion room. The entries, however, are only invitational and a Vermillion card must be used in order to enter the room. The games can take a turn as over here according to the players’ desire.

4. The Star, Gold Coast

The Star Gold Coast

Located in Broadbeach, Queensland, The Star has nearly 600 rooms. There is also an inner sanctum that is known as The Star Grand. The hotel rooms are decorated in almost all shades of color. The area has its own spa and pool.

There are two separate gaming rooms- The Sovereign and the Oasis. They are both by invitation only. These areas have their own private gaming rooms with their own dining rooms and only a few privileged are allowed inside.

The casino also claims to have hundreds of table games. It also has high roller tables. The casino is seen in high regard as the Deepstack Poker Tournaments are held here every Monday Night.


Above listed are the top 4 luxurious casinos you can find in Australia which are packed with a range of games and amenities that can keep you entertained for a long time. 

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