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Top Ways to Save in Australia

As Australia’s tourism industry continues to grow, more visitors are flying in on a strict budget. Due to its remote location, Australia is known for being pricey. From the food to fuel, many basic necessities are surprisingly expensive to indulge in. Despite its relatively high cost of living, people from around the world are flocking to Australia. In 2018 alone, 8.5 million international tourists visited Australia. This was a 4.7% increase from 2017 and breaks down to 970 people arriving every hour. The number of visitors is forecasted to reach 15 million by 2026, which means this bonanza is just getting started.

Unsurprisingly, Australia’s increasing international migration fuels a booming tourist industry. Last year tourism contributed $57.3 billion to the Aussie economy. This adds up to 3.1% of the country’s GDP, and is growing at a rate faster than the national Australian economy. Between lounging and exploring, every year visitors spend $43.9 billion during their trips. Fortunately, most of these costs are avoidable. With the proper amount of planning, going down under doesn’t have to break the bank. Thanks to a new wave of budget-conscious travelers, the ways to save while visiting Australia are now longer a secret.

Australia is an epic place to visit, so don’t let its spending potential intimidate you. There are various methods to make Australia affordable, especially if you know how to adapt. To showcase what’s available, we compiled a list of the top three ways to save money during your next stay in Australia. Going down under doesn’t have to be extravagant, so discover how to save money and still have a good time!

Top Ways to Save in Australia

Top Ways to Save in Australia
Most foreigners underestimate how big Australia is.

Tip #1: Plan Your Trip Strategically – When planning a trip to Australia, the sheer size of the country needs to be put in perspective. This sprawling continent is just as big as mainland United States, and is the 6th biggest country in the world. Most of the action is packed on the coasts, so don’t spread yourself out too thin. Users who are only staying for a few weeks should check what itineraries are recommended for their time frame. You don’t want to attempt to travel from Sydney to Perth and back to Cain, since it will completely drain your budget. To avoid running ins circles, discover how far everything actually is and purchase your flights accordingly.

Tiger Airlines
A new wave of competition has brought plenty of deals of airfare.

Tip #2: Only Use Certain Domestic Carriers – When traveling across Australia, often times the most advantageous travel method is by air. While this is easily the most efficient way to travel, it’s also the most expensive. An amateur ticket purchaser will quickly discover that the main airlines are extremely pricey. Fortunately, there are more options than most people think. For a long time Aussies could only fly domestically with Qantas and Virgin, but their monopoly is finally over.

Thanks to a slew of new airline companies, flying across Australia has never been cheaper. Visitors have plenty of companies to choose from, but three airlines manage to steal the show. After reducing their number of flights, Tiger Airways has become one of the most reliable options for cheap airfare. Jetstar has a Friday Frenzy deal where they sell tickets to random destinations for as little as $19. Rex Airline provides a backpacker pass that allows unlimited air travel for two months. Each package has its perks, so discover which one of these airlines works best for your needs!

The best way to save is escaping the city!

Tip #3: Rent a Campervan – For those who plan on doing a decent amount of driving, campervans are an unlikely salvation. It doesn’t matter if you want to amble up the coast or head inland, renting a vehicle is your best bet. Booking a modern car is expensive, but campervans are practically free. When planning relocation rentals, visitors can snatch up campervans for as little as a dollar a day.

On top of being a steal, acquiring a campervan unlocks more ways to save. Between helping users avoid hotels and providing a place to cook, campervans are indispensable for the frugal traveler in Australia. There are plenty of rest stops and campgrounds throughout the country, and these rental vans are the perfect way to access them. There’s no reason to burn your budget on frivolous luxuries, so cut your spending in half with this budget-friendly rental!