Are your kitties related to slots

Are your kitties related to slots?

Cat slots to play are simply cute. Kitties are related to slots and it’s true. Cool Cat online casino is one of the best examples to show the kitty themed slots to play. This question is quite intriguing to me. Yesterday I thought to bring some gifts for my three beautiful cats to celebrate National Cats Day which falls on 29th October each year. I bought some cat treats and few toys for my two toms and one kitty.

National Cat Day was founded as a way to bring awareness to the number of homeless cats. It is a celebration that takes place on August 8th in Canada, or October 29th every year in the United States.
The day is founded by Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige supported by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a nonprofit organization which also works to encourage pet adoption.

Felis Silvestrus Catus is a small furry ball of cute that will utterly destroy any human being’s ability to act like a mature adult – a phenomenon which has been shown to become stronger with proximity. Intelligence of the subject seems to be inversely proportional to the distance between it and the nearest member of this species.

People who love cats know what they’re like. They rule human lives as furry little gods, and have been cherished members of the family since long before the days of the Pyramids.

So every cat has a day. But when I look at the slot games at online casinos or casinos, it is very surprising to find that many of the slot machines are themed on cats. Is anything similar between kitties and slots?

Cat slots to play

Yes many things are related between the two and many things are not.

Like slots cats are unpredictable

Cats are unpredictable. You may never know when they jump on you. (my cats always do this). Similarly when you play any slot game you never know whether you will win or lose. As slots work on Random number generators (RNGs) that determine what symbols will come up and in which order govern slot machines. Though playing at a certain pace or alternating the number of coins you use may give you the illusion that you are influencing the outcome of your online slots play, you are not. The primary manner in which you can influence play is most often achieved by playing the maximum number of coins to give you the biggest payout and by making certain choices in the slot’s bonus round.

According to Psychologist Dr. Max Wachtel in contrast to dogs, cats don’t show their love very much. But when they do, it feels great — sort of like when you win in slots. In psychology, that’s referred to as intermittent positive reinforcement.It’s the same thing that draws people to playing slot machines. You very rarely win, but when you do, it feels so good. It’s the same thing coming from a cat. You very rarely get that love. But when you do, it feels great.

Cats choose you, you don’t own them like slots

It has been many years this is happening with me. I never bring a cat home, but cat come to me by themselves. They have the ability to choose you as they know which person is fit for them and they also leave you when they want. (specially if you don’t neuter them). You don’t have any ownership for the slots you play. You simply choose the one you wish to play and leave them when you lose. If the slots pay you and make you a jackpot winner you think of it again. Right.

Studies show that partial wins and near-misses create false optimism that you can turn around your gaming session at any moment. There is no idea if the concept of partial wins applies to cats. Maybe this would be like when they show you affection for a few seconds before leaving. But what Wachtel says about the cat’s rare affection and rare big wins in slots makes sense. After all, most of us don’t hit big payouts on slot machines very often. But when you do get lucky and hit a huge payout, every losing session feels like it was worth the effort.

Like slots cats win your hearts

Have you ever seen any casino player with a poker face at a slot machine? Seldom. Almost all of you visiting a real land based casino are happy, bubbly and full of energy to spin the reels. The dazzling light and the purring of the slot machines err.. I mean the tinkling and bells of the slot machine attract you and win your heart. Cats win your heart by rubbing your face with their tail and purring close to your chest.

Were these reasons that many slots are cat themed?

Celebrate cat day

Cat Slots To Play

The above attributes might be one of the reasons that top notch gaming developers thought to develop cat themed slot machines. Many brands like IGT, NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, RTG and others all have slots related to cats.

1. Cats slots from IGT

Cats slots IGT
Cats slots

IGT offers big felines cat slots to play of the wild including; jaguars, lions, panthers, leopards and tigers, in its Cats slot and you make a huge winning when you land the Black Panther and increase your payout whenever you land the game’s logo, which is also the wild symbol.
The best part is, the cat symbols appear in double format, therefore increasing your chances of winning. Spin five paw prints on the reels and trigger the Free Spins feature. Also, receive five free spins and ten free spins for five scatters and six scatters respectively. There is another slot called Cat Paws from IGT which is very popular.

2. Copy Cats by NetEnt

Copy cats by NetEnt
Copy cats

This cat slots to play is 5-reel, 25-payline that starts off ingeniously, with a ‘Tom & Jerry’ soundtrack. With top-notch graphics set against a cartoon background, has a golden cat which is the wild, the bell symbol is the scatter that will get you 10 free spins. Trigger the Copy Cats feature every time the first reel is stacked with a cat symbol. Also, if a full stack of wilds land on the first reel in free spins mode, all cat symbols turn into wilds. Spin and land 5 red cat symbols to receive 200x rewards.

3. Alley Cats by Microgaming

Alley Cats
Alley cats

Microgaming’s Alley is one of the oldest feline-based cat slots to play, which is 5-reel 9-payline designed with a movie-like intro, involving a group of cool cats at a bowling alley. Symbols include 5 different cats, a bowling trophy, catnip, a food bowl, the game’s logo, a dog and a trash can.

Grab up to 10000 worth of coin jackpot and get a chance of winning Free spins and a bonus game. The Strike symbol is the game’s scatter; landing 3 of them doubles your win. Also, your winnings are multiplied x10 and x100 for 4 and 5 Strike symbols respectively.
Use the Strike symbols to trigger the bonus game and free spins feature. In the bonus game, a cute cat uses his bowling ball to hit any item that you select. Also your prizes for the bonus game are multiplied by your total betting margin. Exotic cat is another famous slot from Microgaming.

4. Cats and Cash by Play n Go

Cats n Cash
Cats n cash

Cats and Cash cat slots to play has five reels and three rows, with symbols featuring luxurious items including a pile of cash, a diamond necklace, and a pile of cash. Then you have a collection of cat cronies posing for symbol mug shots. One looks like Tygra from Thundercats wearing a suit; another is basically Jessica Rabbit in cat form, there’s a pink and pampered fat cat, possibly inspired by Jabba the Hutt; and there’s a boring but beaming bookie. Payouts are low for the cat symbols but substantially larger for the items, with five gold bars worth 2500 coins. This game has 15 fixed paylines, scatters and a Wild symbol resembling Tom Jones or…Cat Stevens – five of these gets you a whopping 10,000 coins.

5. Purrfect Pets from RTG

Purrfect pets
Purrfect pets

Real time gaming powered this cat slots to play machine of 5-reel 25-payline video slot is themed on pets, or more precisely kittens and puppies, which will be your real friends throughout the game. The video slot is feature-rich providing you with even 3 bonus games along with Wild multipliers and even two random progressive jackpots. Not only that you can take advantage of multiple winning chances during which you can hit up to 30,000 coins in a single spin, but you will also enjoy cute and colourful graphics and entertaining sounds taking you to a lively garden where your new friends are waiting for you.

There are so many other popular cat themed cat slots to play from Aristocrat like the Miss kitty slot, Double Down Casino, free slots apps like Huuge games, Party cats and glitter hats, 100 cats, 2 fat cats, Astro cat, Brave cat, Cat in Vegas, Catch the cat, catwalk and the list is endless.

The best way to celebrate National cat day is that if you don’t have one (or hey! Don’t have enough) then go out and get a new fuzzy little cat to dominate your family and home with their cuteness. Of course, pets are for life, so be sure when bringing it home that it is a good fit–to keep from perpetuating the cycle of cats and kittens without homes.

Cool Cat Casino and other casino offers

Cool cat casino cats day bonus
Cool Cat Casino

It is not just cat slots to play but even many casinos are named after cats. One such popular among US punters is Cool Cat Casino. With over 220 slot machines, this online casino offers wonderful cat bonuses to play cat slots to play games including their awesome $25 no deposit bonus or $30 free chip to play slots. The cats are cool here including one in the pink which is surely miss kitty playing poker cards with the tom boys.

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There are many giveaways and deals at Casinos both at real and online casinos to celebrate National Cat Day.

Play cat slots
Cat day celebrations means adopting a cat

This shows how our cats are integrated so much in our lives, be it home, neighbourhood, casinos, pathways, roofs and terrace, barns and yards and where not. If you still don’t own a cat then adopt one as this is the message of National Cat Day celebration. There are so many orphan cute kitties which need warmth of your love and a sweet home. Remember to spay or neuter them when they are about 6 months of age as no one wants to let these lovely friendly kitties to live as strays. My cat Mishtu is sitting by my side asking me: We don’t have slots day, do we?