Sweep stakes winner

How to Win Sweepstakes and Online Contests?

Sweepstakes are a form of contest where a prize or prizes may be awarded to a winner or winners. Sweepstakes began as a form of lottery that were tied to products sold. Sweepstakes are used as marketing promotions to reward existing consumers, and to draw attention to a product. By definition, the winner is determined by luck rather than skill. With large grand prizes  they tend to attract more entries regardless of the odds of winning and work as a good marketing agent

How to win Sweepstakes?

See the top 10 tips for winning online sweepstakes from a real contest winner so you can win big too by entering in game of chance.

Secrets to Winning Online Sweepstakes

Watch the short video below – containing real wining secrets of sweepstakes and online contests.  

Video transcription: 10 secret tips for winning sweepstakes

– Locate contests with fewer entries to better your odds

– Study the content rules closely to avoid any legal issues and disqualification

– Show your gratitude to sponsors or the admin of event by promote further in your circle

– Enter in skill oriented contests to exploit your talent and take full advantage

– Trade tips with other sweepers through social media platforms, blogs, forums etc. to stay up-to-date – Track websites list sweepstakes to get the latest offers

– Stick to contests with many prizes to maximize your winning opportunity

– Chase contests as often as possible; the more you try the more prospects to be triumphant

– Stay always optimistic about the results as holding patience before succeed is crucial

– Swap prizes in your favour (if possible) since winnings are taxable And 3 more additional suggestions –

How to win Sweepstakes
Sweep stakes

– Always double check the entry forms and verify with the officials before submitting any personal or financial details to stay away from fraudulent contest owners

– Check out local radio stations regularly as it still is a great source (one of the least used) of contests

– Using technologies like form-filler add on or software may save a lot of time of your and help you sidestep the process of entering name, phone no., address, email etc. manually every time

Online Sweepstakes Winners

If you look around for sweepstakes winners, you will find one common trait – they are all good strategist. Those who have won online, turned the game of luck to organized planning and become winner.

Do People Win Sweepstakes?

Sweep stakes winner
Sweep stakes winner

After reading the article so far, you should have no confusion that people like you and me from real world has fair chance of winning sweepstakes provided follow the aforementioned guidelines. One thing I’m telling you, sweepstakes are not an oasis, it’s exist because people proved the existence through participating and winning again and again.

How to Win Sweepstakes Tips

Tips or tricks or strategy or planning or whatever you say, whatever we mentioned here so far are all true ad tested by a sweeper. If you still want more, see the presentation below where you find some excellent steps on how to win sweepstakes.

What are the Sweepstakes online casinos?

How to play at b Spot
bSpot Sweepstakes online casino

Sweepstakes online casinos offer all the fun of casino gaming, including slots, table games, poker and more, but you play with sweeps coins purchased with real money, and convert those sweeps coins back to cash to collect your winnings. 

In these social casinos money is only exchanged via purchasing virtual currency or redeeming premium virtual currencies for real cash.

They are called social casinos as they and their games are available on social media, mainly Facebook, where you could log into your account and have a chance to play games on Facebook itself. Although you can no longer play directly on Facebook, these sweepstakes casinos still have a large social media community, and you can find Facebook groups to share your wins and talk with friends.

Sweepstakes casinos differ in some ways from real money online casinos, but are actually quite similar. You can play real casino games at sweeps casinos, such as slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and more. You can play these games for free or for a chance to win real cash prizes!

All you have to do is purchase a virtual currency package that comes with a unique bonus currency. For example, you may purchase one million gold coins that come with ten sweeps coins. These ten sweeps coins can then be used to play real casino games on the sweepstakes site, and if you win enough sweeps coins, you can redeem them for real money prizes.

Best Sweepstakes online casino

Pulsz Casino
Pulsz Casino

Following are the best sweepstakes online casinos

Sweepstakes online casinosFree Coins
Gambino Slots100000
Golden Hearts Games$10 free play
BetRivers$1000 credits
Chumba2000000 plus 2 sweeps coins
Lucky Land7777 gold coins and 10 sweeps coins
Sweepslots10000 gold coins and 1000 sweeps coins
Funzpoints250 premium Funzpoints
  • There are two types of virtual currencies to be aware of when preparing to play at online sweepstakes casinos — gold coins and sweeps coins. 
  • Gold coins don’t hold any monetary value but are the required currency to enjoy the social aspect of the online sweepstakes experience. You can claim gold coins when you sign up for a sweepstakes casino, which can be used to climb the social ladder on your chosen site.
  • You can only win more gold coins when you play casino-style games with gold coins.
  • Sweeps coins, on the other hand, are the coins you need to use to play games for real prizes. You can acquire free sweeps coins by claiming a welcome bonus or participating in contests that online sweepstakes casinos regularly run on their social media platforms. You cannot buy sweeps coins.
  • You can only win more sweeps coins when you play casino-style games with sweeps coins.
  • You can redeem your sweeps coins for cash prizes or gift cards.

How to Enter Sweepstakes?

Chumba Casino Get free sweeps
Chumba Casino Get free sweeps

According to nature and requirement of the event, individual sweepstake organizers set rules and regulations. One should follow guidelines before and after participating in such event to stay eligible for the perk.

How to get free Sweeps at Chumba casino?

Can I Really Win Sweepstakes?

Of course you can. Everyone can, provided he or she has to follow the recommendations shown here. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen a lot of people who has never win sweepstakes however that doesn’t stop them to go for freebies or offers available online.

Is sweepstakes legal in US?

How do Sweepstakes Work?

Hard rock casino
Take part in $300,000 Labor day weekend sweepstakes

Well, running sweepstakes means you have to comply with certain parameters and must be regulated by authoritative agencies or government body. Here are few factors which are essential for administering sweepstakes successfully.

– Buying is not necessary

– Must have a specific date range

– Should have clearly stated eligibility criteria

– Exact details of how to come in

– Must clearly mention how many participants are allowed to go in

– Must have a declaration about the odds of winning – Must announce what prizes are offered and the worth of the prizes

– Must give details how the winners will be selected and get informed when win

– Must make clear if there are any limits on how to win – Must mention the contact details of those who are paying for the prize

Sweepstakes Winners Stories

Participating in online sweepstakes has became popular more now mainly because of the thrill to win a prize for free, or to put some effort to win the award. Those who take chip in sweepstakes enjoy the excitement of entering and delight with the possibility of draw.

Minnesota lottery winner
Minnesota lottery winner


Q1. Are sweepstakes online casinos legal in US?

Sweepstakes casinos are legal in all United States, except the state of Washington and Idaho. They are also legal in Canada, except for Quebec.

Note that online casinos are legal in only a handful of states in the US, making these sweeps casinos like Chumba and others quite convenient due to their availability.

Q2. Can I play sweepscash casinos for money prizes?

Sweepstakes casinos provide free gaming via gold coins that are added to your account upon signing up. Easily use these coins to play games at no cost. If you want to play for real money, you must use the secondary currency offered at the site, including sweeps coins or cash.

Q3. What rewards and prizes can I get?

Each operator offers various options when it comes to prizes. Some allow you to cash out real money, while others offer gift cards. If you are signing up with an online sweepstakes casino to win real prizes, keep in mind what the site offers. You want to play games with an operator that offers the type of incentives you are looking for.

Q4. What are gold coin packages?

Some sites provide gold coin packages with free sweeps coins, while others give you daily log-in bonuses that include sweeps coins.

Q5. How do I get more free Sweeps Coins?

You can’t buy the Sweeps Coins. You can get some for free along with purchases of the non-redeemable currency, via contests on social media, by mailing a request to a sweepstakes casino, or through various sweepstakes casino offers. Some of these offers require that you do little more than log in to your account every day.

Q6. How to purchase Gold Coin packages and get more free Sweeps Coins?

You can purchase Gold Coins using a variety of online banking methods. These methods include online banking with approving banks, including Bank of America and Citi Bank. You can also make purchases using credit cards from approving issuing banks. This includes certain Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery cards. Finally, you can make purchases using online third-party payment processors like Skrill.

Now when you meet a real sweepstakes winner ask his/her stories so you too can win amazing prizes. You see, our website is also full of offers from most trusted casino online. One can browse different sections of the site say for new casino coupons codes or original bonus codes or fresh promo codes or latest no deposit offers to gamble free – all these gifts are waiting to be explored by you. Stay tuned for reading more winning stories from people just like you. Photo courtesy (all images): Giphy.com