Top 6 Most Unusual Sports to Bet On

Top 6 Most Unusual Sports to Bet On

Due to the recent ruling of the Supreme Court in May states that the States will decide for the legalization of gambling and not the federal government. Before it was the federal government that had jurisdiction over it, but ever since the Congress passed the Act in 1992 it stated that the federal government will have jurisdiction over the commerce control between the states and not inside them. Below are some of the more unusual sports you can bet on.

Most Unusual Sports to Bet On

With the new betting landscape in place, people currently have the freedom to place bets on sport in seven different states. While many people bet on football, basketball, baseball, or soccer, there are other unique sports to place bets on. Interested? Here are some of the more unusual sports you can bet on.

1. WWE Professional Wrestling

Most Unusual Sports to Bet On

Professional wrestling is more like a TV show than a sport but equally enjoyable. People like to wager to see the hero and boo the villain. The heroes and villains in this context are definitely the wrestlers. The hero is supposed to beat the villain just like in the concept of movies. Also, the wrestlers have to maintain their body shape/physique or else they can get low screen time and subsequently go jobless.

Call it anything but the professional wrestling is something that gets some real high wager and hence is also a form of betting sport.

2. Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling is a sport that is enjoyed by many people around the world. It all started during the furor created by the NFL players. All of the player’s winning amount went to a charity of their own liking but due to the side betting happening the players were fined egregiously.

Due to the extreme popularity of the game but the inexplicable resources to broadcast it around the world the game presented itself in the betting industry.

3. Harness Racing

Harness Racing

As elegant as it seems to be, Harness Racing is quite a betting sport in some areas of Europe and the United States. The concept is that a horse is tied to a buggy with a harness, and the buggy is controlled by a jockey. This, however, doesn’t make it any different from the normal horse riding. What makes it different is the versatile breed of horses that can participate in the race. Also, it is inspired by the ancient horseback racing so the thrill hasn’t died just yet.

Popular in Sweden and some areas of Europe, Harness racing is a huge chance for the gamblers to wage their money on a wager popularly known as the V75. They pick five to seven horses in a row and it’s a pretty decent amount of cash that they sweep through if they get lucky.

4. Cornhole


Cornholing is apparently another one of the major betting games to play. Tournaments are being conducted and wagers are being made on the players. The general idea is to grab a bag of corn and throw it through some holes and the player who throws most of the corn bags through the hole wins.

Wager are being made throughout the tournaments of the Cornholes around the world. First one is in Vegas where people have put wagers on Cornhole tournaments as such since they are being played on ESPN. Another one is in Hong Kong and the deals to make the biggest cornhole tournament in Asia.

5. Curling


The game of Curling is actually quite simple. It comprises of ice, sweepers, big rocks and teams. The goal is to get as many rocks as you can to the centre of the circle at the opposite end of the lane. So as a result, the bettors were attracted for wagering in the game.

America’s foursome in curling did end up with the medal in the Olympics 2018. The casinos were unlucky to bet their wager on the teams against America unlike the people rooting for America.

6. Cow Chip Tossing 

Cow Chip Tossing.kpg

This is not a made up thing but yes, cow chip tossing is a real betting thing. People throw cow chips/turds just to see how far one can throw it and they actually get wagered for this kind of a game.

Wagers that are being made on this game sometimes goes like who can throw the farthest or who can throw the farthest three. Even the tossers are wagered upon.