World Without Casinos – What to

World Without Casinos – What to Expect?

Gambling is not all about winning and fun, it has its share of stigma and bashing. It is often thought that life would be so much easier without casinos.

Of course, the absence of casinos would have ended your dreams. But everyone is entitled to dreaming.

Casinos are mostly about taking risks and trying luck. Doing away with casinos is like neglecting the value of risk-taking or making some hard decisions in life.

Nothing is safe

Nothing is safe

It’s not only about only casino but in life, there is nothing safe. Even if you invest somewhere, there is always a possibility of risk.

Everywhere there is a risk as in a casino. Even at your workplace, even after spending hours, trying to impress your superiors, the possibility of being sacked still lingers.

Sooner or later, things are bound to fall back in place and if you are lucky, you might even get something better. Same goes with gambling — losing does not mean the end of all the good things.

Gambling is like starting a business

Gambling is like starting a business

Opting the path of entrepreneurship is more rewarding than settling for a day job. It could be true — but you cannot deny the fact that it is the bigger risk to take.

Although it comes with more assurance and stability, as you’re your boss and the only one to fire yourself. You set the rules to run the business.

But business is a risky industry and a good number of the businesses that people start to end up falling apart.

It can be easily said, gambling is like deciding to start a business. You can never predict the future. You are taking a risk while crossing your fingers and hoping that today might be your lucky day.

Life without Casinos

A World without Choices

A World without Choices

If we opt to live without casinos, there would be a world without choices. Casinos teach you to own the outcomes of the choices you make.

You never blame the casino for your losses and for deciding to gamble, and that is what triggered the sequential flow of incidents that together lead you to the situation you are in.

It can be said, in a way, gambling can be looked at as the core of life itself.

Life would be Boring

Life would be Boring

Have you ever gave a damn thought why people still gamble despite being fully aware of the risks involved?

Because are always been fascinated by the mystery a falling dice, a pointer spin, and the turn of a card. Because it excites and exhilarates you a lot. Without excitement, fun and mystery life would become boring and dull.

It is hard to imagine a society or a community without risks. Imagining a world without casinos is equal to imagining life without risks. There would be no elections, drug trials, or competitive exams.

Is it that easy to survive in such a society?

A massive source of revenue would end</pA massive source of revenue would end>


It is quite obvious that casinos create jobs, tax revenues and even push the average wage rates much higher.

Several studies agree to this fact that the legalization of casinos nurtures economic growth, better wage rates, and employment.

As per studies, it has been established that states with casinos have a much better employment rate compared to the counties without it. Wages are much higher in these counties compare to counties that outlawed casinos.