Caesars Interactive Entertainment

Future of Casinos: Caesars Interactive Entertainment

Caesars Interactive Entertainment

Caesars Interactive Entertainment Inc. (CIE) is the powerful subsidiary of Caesars Entertainment, the largest gaming company in the world. This online powerhouse owns Playtika, the biggest social casino gaming company in the world.

They own a plethora of prestigious companies that combined are the cornerstone of the online casino industry. With hundreds of employees & offices across the world, CIE has become one of the most recognized names in gambling history.

With their unlimited wealth & access to talented programmers worldwide, the only way to go is up. They do this by expanding the reach of their business even further by acquiring more companies. To date, they have repeatedly made history when they acquired Apollo, TPG & the House of Fun.

 Destined for Greatness: Caesars Interactive Entertainment

“The House of Fun business is a great addition to our already-leading product portfolio. The acquisition allows us to offer a new quality product to our loyal user base and to attract new users,” said Playtika CEO Robert Antokol. “We believe the talented team at Pacific Interactive not only brings with it a unique product but will also be a strong addition to the group and add to our market leadership in the category.”

CIE is more than just a company, it’s an online casino empire that stretches across the entire planet. They have artfully transformed from a passionate single company into one of the world’s leading interactive social and mobile casino-themed game providers.

They made this magnificent transformation with their ferocious appetite for success combined with their ability to buy out the competition. During their illustrious career, they have merged or acquired some of the most prominent facets of the online gambling industry. Their rapid rise to power is an inspiration for entrepreneurs worldwide.

The history of CIE reflects a company that’s determined to reach the top, no matter who they have to conquer. In 2010 the company shook up the entire industry when they founded & launched Slotomania. This brilliant release went on to become the most popular social slot game for 5 years in a row. They used the fanfare generated by this groundbreaking game to acquire Playtika in 2011.

At the time Playtika owned the best-known games available on social media, Caesars Slots & Caesars Casino. After being acquired by CEI Playtika took over Buffalo Studios, the most popular social bingo game, in 2012. 2013 proved to be an even more monumental year for CEI when they bought out the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

To this day WSOP remains the most recognized poker franchise online. In 2014 Playtika went on to buy out Pacific Interactive, the owner of the notorious House of Fun franchise. This is just scratching the surface of the true power of this gargantuan company, with its myriad of sub-companies CIE controls a hefty chunk of online gambling around the world.

Ever since its creation in 2019, CEI has been destined to dominate online gambling worldwide. They have brutally evolved into the most geographically diverse casino company in the world.

They were created by Caesars Entertainment to project the company’s larger-than-life casino businesses into the new niche of online gambling. CEI’s rise to fame was no accident; it was carefully planned & tactfully executed.

Now that they have a firm grip on most of the top online gambling companies around the world, it will be interesting to see how they expand from here.