Learn 4 Casino Games

Learn 4 Casino Games in 10 Minutes or Less

If you want to become a blackjack expert, it may take a lot of time. As per a guess, it might take at least 100 hours. And some games might take an even longer time. Here are how to Learn 4 Casino Games and have fun.

But some casino games are easy to master. And just as they easy to learn, it doesn’t mean that they’re not recommended games. There are some games with a low casino edge for every gambler who knows the correct wagers to make.

Learn 4 Casino Games

Here I have rounded up the top four casino games you can master in 10 minutes or less. You can use this list if you’re looking for easy casino games or you can use it to learn the ropes.

1 – Small Table Baccarat

Small Table Baccarat
Small Table Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the best games on the list not because it’s the simplest game to play, but in combination with being easy to play, it also has good odds for gamblers. Of course, if baccarat wasn’t easy to learn it wouldn’t be on the list at all. You can master a complete baccarat strategy in less than 10 minutes.

The main reason why real money baccarat is so easy to master in 10 minutes or less is that it offers only three betting options and the game is managed by a dealer like a blackjack, so you just have to place your wager.

There is a “big table” baccarat and “small table” baccarat. The size of the table is different, but that’s not the most important difference.

Big table baccarat is played almost the same way as small table baccarat, but the players are more involved at the big table. The table is bigger than most table games, much like a craps table. And the casino personnel running the game let the players engaged in dealing with the cards.

Small table baccarat is enjoying on a regular size table like blackjack and most other casino table games. An individual runs the game and the players simply place their wagers.

Big table baccarat is called baccarat, and it’s mostly in the high roller area of the casino. Small table baccarat is available where the normal table games are located in most casinos, and it’s also termed as “mini-baccarat.”

You can practice both the big and small table baccarat in 10 minutes or less. It’s recommended to play small table baccarat as there’s one thing less you have to do and the wagering limits are quite smaller at the mini tables than at the big table.

This is the reason why you can master a mini baccarat in 10 minutes or less. You make a bet on the dealer’s hand every time you play. That’s the entire gameplay you should master for small table baccarat.

2 – Slot Machines

Slot Machines

Slots machines are the simplest game to master in less than 10 minutes. But they aren’t at the top of this list even though they’re easy to play, because they don’t offer the best value to the players.

The fact is slot machines have the worst odds of the four games mentioned on this list. Still, you can master it well in some time to have fun. In a slot machine, you put money. You make sure that you’re wagering enough to activate all of the pay lines and bonuses, and you spin the reels.

No strategy is used to play slot machines, you only have to play. You should learn a little more about the slots before you play them, but none of these things are going to change your outcomes.

There are many different types of slot machines, and there are many different features available on slot machines. You need to understand what every available slot feature is and how it works. Learn the difference between progressive slot machines and other slot machines. Also the difference between three-five or seven reel machines.

The more you know about slot machines, the higher the chances are that you find slot machines that you enjoy playing.

3 – Roulette


Roulette might not be that easy if you’ve never played, but once you place a few wagers, you learn fast everything you need to know.

The casino edge is the same on every wager on the table, so what you bet on does not matter. The only difference is that it has a table and a 00, or double zero, space has a higher casino edge than a table with a single 0.

You should only play on a roulette table containing 37 numbers and never play on one with 38 numbers.

You can make any available wager you want when you play roulette. The best way to get started is to use the even-money options. You can choose one of six even money options. Each even money option offers 18 ways to win and 19 ways to lose when you play on a single 0 wheel.

Here’s a list of the even-money wager options. They each pay 1 to 1 when you win.

  • Even numbers
  • Numbers 1 to 18
  • Odd numbers
  • Black spaces
  • Numbers 19 to 36
  • Red spaces

Make a small wager on for even money bet you want to try. Now, wait for the ball to spin and land in space. This is all you need to know to play roulette.

When you learn to play roulette wagering on even-money wagers, then you can try some of the other available options. But better to stick with the even-money wager options if you prefer and never make any other bets.

4 – Craps


This gambling game is also one of the easiest games to master. If you don’t know anything about craps and happen to walk by a craps table, it might not appear to you that it’s a game you can master in less than 10 minutes. But this is not right. You just have to learn how to make two wagers to become a craps master, so you can forget about all of the other wagering options. You can easily learn 4 Casino Games.

Real money craps you can play with a roll called a come-out roll. You can bet on pass or don’t pass on a come-out roll. If the pass or don’t pass wagers don’t win on the come out roll, space is set and the shooter continues rolling until the original wagers are resolved.

The initial wagering selection you can use is either the pass or don’t pass. They don’t pass is slightly better than the past, but you can use either of them.

To learn this game, you simply make a come-out roll wager and an odds wager when a point is set. This combination of wagers offers you the chance to win on-the on the table and keeps things simple.


All four games here can be learned Learn 4 Casino Games in just 10 minutes or less. I suggest playing craps and baccarat as they provide better odds than roulette and slot machines. But if you have mastered all four, any of the four games will work.

Although roulette and craps don’t look easy to master, when you know the tips to master both games, you will not worry about the complications.