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Save Big On Your Next Trip to Las Vegas With These Tips

Even though it’s renown for its high roller image, visitors don’t have to spend a fortune in Las Vegas. In 2017, over 39 million people descended upon Sin City. Despite how most ads paint it, a majority of those visitors were far from affluent. Thanks to a staggering annual influx of visitors, Las Vegas has had to adapt to an incredible amount of competition. Most tourists are looking for a bang for their buck, since there are plenty of options to choose from. To be able to lure in more customers, most business offer some sort of discount or promotion.

Those who plan their vacation strategically get to take advantage of a slew of deals. By implementing a few tips, visitors can save on everything from shows to food. This city has too many choices for tourists to feel obligated to pay full price. Completely oblivious to this fact, many tourists get swindled in Vegas. There’s no reason to make the trip costlier than it has to be, especially with so many deals available. 

To shine the light on what most visitors miss, we compiled a list of ways to save in Las Vegas. The best vacations are the ones that don’t leave you destitute, so stop torturing yourself with premium prices. It’s time to simultaneously treat yourself and your budget, so implement these tricks the next time you go to Vegas!

Easy Ways to Save Big in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Always ask if your hotel or airline has loyalty programs.

Tip #3: Join Loyalty Programs – Even though most visitors wouldn’t guess it, Las Vegas is filled with loyalty programs. From hotels to casinos, users can get access to big deals just by providing some basic information. It’s amazing what an email address and phone number can unlock in many venues. Armed with the right loyalty program, users get access to discounted show tickets, dining options, room rates and exclusive deals. 

Usually these programs are based on point systems that accumulate when users spend money at participating properties. These points can be redeemed for free buffet access, slot plays and complimentary hotel stays. Start saving money by strategically spending with these loyalty programs.

Las Vegas

Package deals take the guesswork out of traveling.

Tip #2: Book Package Deals – Faced with a fluctuating amount of tourists and daunting competition, many travel companies offer enticing package deals. These include discounts on hotels, flights and popular attractions that can save users hundreds of dollars. Currently TripAdvisor, and Expedia all offer competitive Las Vegas package deals. From coupons to earned rewards points, there’s no shortage of ways to save. Start travelling smarter by comparing package deals and booking well in advance!

Las Vegas

The internet is packed with sites that collect Vegas discounts.

Tip #1: Take Advantage of Online Deals – Even though there are plenty of referrals and reward systems, the internet is the best place to save. Show tickets, hotels and many attractions are all cheaper online. Websites like and Tix4Tonight provide deals on everything from hotels to same-day shows. For just $5 a person for seven days, visitors can purchase a Vegas Dining Card from Tix4Tonight. This versatile card opens doors to 50% savings in participating restaurants. Stop paying full price and plan every major purchase online before you leave home!